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ArticleName Selection of diaphragm material for separation of cathode and anode compartment in nickel electrolysis
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2015.06.15
ArticleAuthor Zolotukhina L. V., Goncharenko T. E., Kizyun S. I., Yurev A. I.

Polar Division of MMC “Norilsk Nikel”, Norilsk, Russia:

L. V. Zolotukhina, Engineer of Center of Engineering Mainte nance of Production, e-mail:
T. E. Goncharenko, Leading Engineer of Center of Engineering Maintenance of Production
S. I. Kizyun, Head of Electrolysis of nickel of Nickel Plant Shop
A. I. Yurev, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Director of Center of Engineering Maintenance of Production


The article presents results of investigations on selection of diaphragm tissues used for cathode and anode compartments separation in nickel electrolysis. The investigation was aimed at the definition of the diaphragm tissue characteristics to provide optimal process performance for nickel electrolysis. The investigation showed that the most of requirements were met by the diaphragm tissue with the lowest electric resistance and liquid permeability that could be obtained by decreasing the tissue surface density. Besides the investigation identified boundary conditions of the tissue water permeability and electrical resistance capable to ensure the following process parameters: cathode current efficiency of 95%, bath voltage of 4 V, max. acid concentration in cathode compartment 1 g/l. The article presents the data of laboratory experiments on reduction of diaphragm tissue flow permeability by means of working surface screening as well as pilot tests data on nickel electric extraction using tissues of Cotton-lavsan (PRC) TGB1998, Polyester (Tamfelt, Finland) 71-2260-V5K3, Polyester (UK) EPD34A. Polyester fabric EPD34A (United Kingdom) of the following specifications (water permeability of 20 dm3/(m2·h), electrical conductivity of 15 Ohm·cm2) was recommended for use based on the results of nickel electric extraction pilot tests. Besides the structure, chemical and physical properties of the fabric allowed to sustain steady anolyte/catholyte level difference set forth.

keywords Electrolytic refining of nickel, cathode compartment, anode compartment, diaphragm fabric, Manegold coefficient, flow permeability, electrical resistance, electric extraction, anode cell

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