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ArticleName Two-stage neutralization method to process copper-nickel sulfurous solutions of the Copper plant, polar division of PC MMC “Norilsk Nickel”
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2015.06.11
ArticleAuthor Sadykov R. R., Shulga E. V., Petrov A. F., Kotukhov S. B.

Polar Division of MMC “Norilsk Nikel”, Norilsk, Russia:

R. R. Sadykov, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Head of Environmental Protection Department (Copper Plant)
E. V. Shulga, Chief Specialist (Center of Engineering Maintenance of Production), e-mail:
A. F. Petrov, Head of Laboratory (Center of Engineering Maintenance of Production)


PС “MMC “Norilsk Nikel”, Moscow, Russia:
S. B. Kotukhov, Head of Expert-Analytical Department of Engineering Board


As a part of management and technical actions taken for Nickel Plant shutdown, a number of flow charts were investigated for processing of different Copper Plant technological solutions: electrolyte cutoff, solution from precious metals post-deposition and solution of anodic dissolution tanks from PGM Concentrator. When using the PGM Concentrator solutions with lower chlorine ion content (max. 1 g/dm3) in anode copper electrorefining operations, the impurities content increases what has negative effect on electrorefining, cathode deposit composition and spiral elongation index. The comparison of processing parameters of PGM Concentrator solutions at electrolyte recovery stage showed that the average tank voltage values and current efficiency were consistent with those of the existing technology. It was found out that processing of PGM Concentrator solutions at copper sulfate production stage is possible on the condition of retrofitting of current stage with the new cooling equipment, in order to maximize nonferrous metals recovery into copper-nickel sulfate. Two-stage neutralization of solutions from PGM Concentrator and Copper Tankhouse allows to provide the highest recovery of non-ferrous metals and PGMs as well as fabrication of the end product in the form of copper and nickel gypsum hydrate to be processed in Polar Division pyrometallurgical circuit. Based on comparative analysis, the two-stage process flowsheet was selected as preferable for copper-nickel sulfurous solutions of Copper Plant available due to Nickel Plant shutdown.

keywords Electrorefining, electroextraction, sulfate copper-nickel solutions, copper-nickel sulfate, neutralization, copper and nickel gypsum hydrate

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