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ArticleName Welding of CuNiFe 5-1 alloy with austenite nitrogenous steel
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2015.04.07
ArticleAuthor Vaynerman A. A., Vaynerman A. E.

Central Research Institute of Structural Materials “Prometey”, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

A. A. Vaynerman, First Category Engineer, e-mail:
A. E. Vaynerman, Head of a Sector


Nowadays, new austenite nitrogenous steel (Fe – Cr – Ni – Mn – N composition) is more applied to manufacturing of sea technical equipment structures, which obtaining requires copper alloy welding with this steel. Copper alloy welding with new austenite nitrogenous steel has the following peculiarities: eventual boiling of weld pool; nitrogen emission; formation of cracks in steel; partially contained copper alloy and formation nitrides in weld metal. Application of sublayer, cladded by EW-263ESR wire on this steel, together with scraping of base metal and acid-etching of filler metal, are necessary for receiving of qualitative welded joints of copper alloys with new austenite nitrogenous steel. Optimum conditions of TIG-welding deposition of sublayer, cladded by EW-263ESR wire on the steel was researched and installed together with amount of cladded layers of this sublayer metal, its optimum composition and metal structure, providing the absence of cracks and other defects, values of tensile strength and impact strength at steel level. There is shown the necessity of second sublayer, cladded by CuNiFeSiTi 5-1-0,2-0,2 wire on sublayer, cladded by EW-263ESR wire on Cr – Ni – Mn – N composition. On the basis of these researches, there was developed the process of TIG-welding of CuNiFe 5-1 grade alloy with new austenite nitrogenous steel composition thickness up to 15 mm grade, providing the quality of weld, tensile strength (CuNiFe 5-1 grade alloy) and high values of impact strength.

keywords TIG, nitrogenous steel, austenite, copper alloys, sublayer, δ-ferrite, crack resistance, quality, mechanical properties

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