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ArticleName Formation of cluster of rare-earth metals as a strategy of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation for development of Tomsk Oblast
ArticleAuthor Smirnova T. L., Subbotina L. G.

Seversk Technological Institute — branch of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Seversk, Russia:

T. L. Smirnova, Associate Professor of Economics Chair, e-mail:
L. G. Subbotina, Senior Lecturer of Economics Chair


The cluster approach in network organization of rare earth metals production is described in this article as a strategic tool of increasing of competitiveness of enterprises' areas and saving of mechanism of knowledge management and strategic technologies. There was made a determination that specificity of industrial clusters is focused on introduction of innovative technologies, and formation of production chains with high added value. There was found that enterprises' performance in the cluster structure will be achieved by reduction of costs of introduction of new high-technological industries. According to this, creation of new scientific laboratories and research centers, together with increasing of quality of professional competencies of workers, are a prerequisite cluster of rare earth elements in the Tomsk Oblast. Concentration of hightech related industries needs the high educational and professional level of workers in the cluster structures. Innovation-oriented cluster of rare earth metals can ensure the creation of jobs, requiring skilled professionals, development of social infrastructure and budget efficiency grounds. As a result of the carried out research, there were defined the required institutional, infrastructural and innovative resources for formation of export base of rare earth metals in the system of competitive advantages of territory. Positive externalities and social cost were defined as a result of territorial presence of Rosatom, implementing a strategy of creation of new jobs. Results of the study can be used for improvement of social partnership mechanisms for state corporations, universities and governments in regions with innovation development potential.

keywords Employees, employer, social partnership, innovation, cluster, region, knowledge management, competitiveness, rareearth metals

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