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ArticleName Sorption of vanadium (V) from sulfuric-acid solutions by nanostructured nitrogen-containing ionites
ArticleAuthor Troshkina I. D., Balanovskiy N. V., Nve Shvan OO, Shilyaev A. V.

D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow, Russia:

I. D. Troshkina, Professor, e-mail:
Nve Shvan ОО, Post-Graduate Student
A. V. Shilyaev, Post-Graduate Student


“Leading Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology” JSC, Moscow, Russia:

N. V. Balanovskiy, Head of Laboratory


The process of vanadium (V) sorption from sulfuric-acid solutions by nanostructured nitrogen-containing “Rossion” ionites was researched under static conditions. “Rossion” ionites have the styrene-acrylate basis with the domminant size of voids of 4–60 nm. The biggest vanadium (V) distribution coefficient (Kd = 6594) is observed with its sorption by “Rossion-62” ionite. Dependance of sorption capacity of ionite on the solution's pH is extremal. The maximum of dependance is revealed at the value of pH = 3–4. Isotherm of vanadium sorption from the solutions with the value of pH = 4 is linear (up to the value of equillibrium vanadium concentration in the solution of 50 mg /dm3). This dependance is described by the Henry equation with the constant of (1,8 ± 0,3)·103 cm3/g (correlation coefficient R2 = 0.95). Integral kinetic sorption curves were obtained in conditions of limited volume of solution. Efficient coefficients of vanadium diffusion (1,2·10–11 m2/c) were calculated, taking into account the time of half-reaction. The possibility of extraction of vanadium (V) from discharging solutions by “Rossion-62” ionite is shown in dynamic conditions. The discharging solutions were formed during the processing of vanadium concentrates (“Vanady Tula” JSC).

keywords Vanadium (V), ionite, nanostructured, “Rossion”, sulfuric-acid solutions, Henry isotherm, efficient diffusion coefficient, elution curves, discharging solutions

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