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ArticleName Influence of calcined anode blocks design on gas outlet efficiency and technical indices of aluminium electrolysis process
ArticleAuthor Lysenko A. P., Kirov S. S., Selnitsyn R. S., Nalivayko A. Yu.

Chair of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold, National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia

A. P. Lysenko, Assistant Professor, e-mail:
S. S. Kirov, Assistant Professor
R. S. Selnitsyn, Post-graduate Student
A. Yu. Nalivayko, Engineer


There is shown a modern view on the mechanism of formation of gas-bubble interlayer between anode base and electrolyte. Availability of interlayer leads to increasing of strain on baths by 5-6% in modern powerful electrolysers. That's why, one of the basic directions in designing of calcined anodes is decreasing of gas interlayer thickness at the expense of creation of deepenings on the working surface of electrodes. Various types of anodes are considered: classic solid anode, anode with horizontal grooves and anode with vertical gas-outlet holes. Comparison of the foregoing designs has shown that the best technical indices belong to anodes with vertical holes. Laboratory testings have shown, that introduction of such anodes makes it possible to decrease the electric power consumptions by 669.8 kW/t. At the same time, current output increases by 3%. This article gives the reasons of decreasing of specific consumption of electric power and growth of current output during the conversion from the classic structure to new one. Reach-through holes in anodes have a shape of truncated cone, which provides the exclusion of coal froth. At the same time, the amount of holes makes it possible to shorten the way of waste gases. A method of anodes obtaining is also offered along with the description of the basic design of unit for manufacturing of anodes with gas-outlet reachthrough holes.

keywords Aluminium electrolyser, gas-outlet holes, calcined anode, gasbubble interlayer, gap anode, inserted blade, electric power consumption, current output, shaft furnace

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