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ArticleName Bases of efficient technological schemes of ore mass transportation during the underground mining of pit reserves
ArticleAuthor Gibadullin Z. R., Kalmykov V. N., Petrova O. V.

Uchalinsky Ore Dressing and Processing Enterprise, Uchaly, Russia

Z. R. Gibadullin, Chief Executive Officer


Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G. I. Nosov, Magnitogorsk, Russia
V. N. Kalmykov, Professor, Head of a Chair, e-mail:
O. V. Petrova, Assistant Professor


As a result of variety of used vehicles and ore winding excavations with their adaptation to difficult technical mining conditions of pit reserves development, it is shown that during the usage of combined method of reserves mining, the ore mass transportation schemes are multivariant and changeable. There are determined the factors, defining the efficiency of ore mass movement from the transition areas. There are set the base options of process flowsheets of ore mass movement during the mining of bottom and edge reserves. There is carried out the economic and mathematical modeling of ore mass transportation during the development of reserves of transition areas on the basis of linear programming. The application spheres of various combinations of transport systems are substantiated according to the location of bottom and edge reserves relatively to the pit outline. On the basis of results of economic and mathematical modeling, there is found out that the depth of formation of edge reserves and their remoteness from transport open-pit excavations are the main factors, which define the transportation efficiency. It is shown that remoteness of reserves from the mine angle is not the determinant factor for the choice of efficient scheme of transportation of bottom reserves, characterized by the different depth of occurrence. It is proved that during the edge reserves mining, the transport scheme efficiency depends on the level of gallery location, relatively to the depth of reserves occurrence. At the same time, during the bottom reserves mining, the transport scheme efficiency is determined by the height of its bypass to the main loading and transportation drift of skip winding.

keywords Underground mining, technological transportation schemes, economic and mathematical modeling, bottom and pit reserves, ore mass transportation efficiency

1. Gibadullin Z. R., Kalmykov V. N., Petrova O. V. Gornyy informatsionno-analiticheskiy Byulleten — Mining Informational and Analytical Bulletin. 2012. No. 12. pp. 83–89.

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