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Название Sectoral tariff agreement and collective employment contracts: how to consider the peculiarities of enterprises
Автор Kotlyar B. A.
Информация об авторе

TsNOTORGMET Consultation and Analytical Center, Moscow, Russia:
B. A. Kotlyar, Chief Executive Officer, e-mail: tsnot@yandex.ru


Existing technological and financial differences between enterprises of mining and smelting industry should be considered in collective employment agreements. Industry tariff agreement for 2014 and subsequent year should regulate the mutual obligations of social partnership parties for the purpose of increasing of the investments in creation and modernization of work place, labor productivity and subsequent increase in real salary based on those factors. Innovations in labor legislation make it possible to solve that problem. The differences in labor productivity and results of activity in 2012 should be considered upon determination of possibility to increase the ratio of salary and living wage of workers in the region of enterprise. Also, the purchase-power parity should be considered upon the comparison of salary level of Russian and foreign enterprises. The work contains the suggestions concerning the regulation of conditional permanent part of the salary in employment and collective employment agreements, stipulation of conditions for increasing of real salary level and determination of minimal wage. These suggestions were developed on the basis of analysis of various enterprises of smelting, metallurgy and pipe industry.

Ключевые слова Industry tariff agreement, collective employment agreement, labor legislation, investments, labor productivity, real substance of salary
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