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Tsvetnye Metally (Non-ferrous metals)

Title Turn key projects as a strategy of Outotec
Authors Gogotin A. V., Zhivilova T. A., Mangulov K. K., Pashkin V. L.
Title Principles of technological audit of flotation process developed by Outotec
Authors Mashevskiy G. N., Petrov A. V., Lamberg P., Lyyra M.
Title Methodology of comparative industrial tests of flotation machines
Authors Petrov A. V., Turunen J.
Title Obvious advantages of turbo pulp lifters for AG/SAG mills
Authors Latchireddi S., Belova T. A.
Title Outotec grinding circuit commissioning at african concentrators
Author Nielsen B.
Title Features of Outotec grinding technology
Authors E. L. Rekechinskiy, T. A. Zhivilova, E. E. Zhmarin
Title Statistical analysis of operational performance of tankcell 300 flotation machine
Authors Elgueta H., Grau R., Lamberg P., Yanez A.
Title Open vs closed thickener feedwells — still a debating point?
Author Arbuthnot I.
Title Intensification of thickening process of gold containing ore
Authors Nechaeva E. B., Panov A. V., Nekhoroshev N. E., Sinichkin A. G., Solozhenkin P. M.
Magnetic separation
Title Recent advances in magnetic separator designs and applications
Authors Dobbins M., Dunn P., Sherrell I.
Title Southern african ion exchange plant for nickel recovery
Author Wijnberg B.
Title Outotec rodding shop solutions
Author Beilstein M.
Title Green anode plant with forming and cooling facility
Author Beilstein M.
Title A way to produce steel using direct reduction technology
Authors Orth A., Bartlett C., Nepper J.-P., Forster K.
Title New developments in iron ore agglomeration technologies
Authors Schwalm T., Gerlach W., Koepf M.
Title New features in on-stream XRF analysis for flotation circuit management and control
Author Kongas M.
Title Generation slurry particle size analysers
Authors Kongas M., Saloheimo K.
Title Principles of computerised control of flotation process based on new Outotec product — FrothMaster videosystem
Authors Mashevskyi G. N., Petrov A. V., Moilanen J., Timperi J., Saloheimo K., Kemppinen H.
Title Development of new series of Outotec products for electrochemical control of flotation process
Authors Mashevskyi G. N., Petrov A. V., Lyyra M., Etelapaa M., Lamberg P.
Journals →  Tsvetnye Metally (Non-ferrous metals) →  2010 →  #2