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The articles of the issue cover topics on heavy and light non-ferrous metals, precious metals and alloys, rare metals. The journal highlights theoretical and practical issues of ores benefication, non-ferrous metals manufacturing and processing, crude ore integrated use as well as economics and manufacturing management.


The article of A. V. Putilov, V. N. Chervyakov, N. N. Degtyarenko, V. V. Pilyugin, E. E. Malikova (National Nuclear Research University "MEPhI") reports on requirements for the personnel professional training to provide effectiveness of research and development in the area of fundamental nanostructures. It describes some aspects of elaboration the software-based multimedia tutorials, which correspond to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model 2004 3-rd Edition (SCORM) standard, using module approach and an“educational tracks” principle. 

G. A. Barysheva and I. V. Babenko focuse their paper on review of the current state of the Russian metallurgical industry. It is noted that the current statistics in connection with the transition from the All-Union Classifier of Economy Branches to the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities can't completely use data of interbranch balances. Authors believe that a way out could be to develop an adequate model for analysis of a productivity factor.


State of the economy of the Commonwealth countries at the end of 2010 according to the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the statistical organizations of the Commonwealth countries, Bulletin of Foreign Commercial Information materials and industry publications has been analyzed in the paper of V. S. Kozyrev and A. V. Nechaev.


Over the past decade the Gulidov Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant JSC (Krastsvetmet JSC) has launched and developed manufacturing of a wide range of products based on precious metals, such as: rhodium electrolytes, a number of different salts of these metals, catalyst gauzes for ammonia decomposition for nitric acid plants, crucibles and labware, thermocouple transducers from platinum and its alloys, as well as jewelry. The next stage of the Krastsvetmet JSC development has been the production of glass-melting apparatus and glass feeders from platinum and its alloys used in fiberglass production. V. A. Dmitriev and P. A. Khorikov inform about this line of activity in their paper.


The article “Technological principles of hot isostatic pressing for the single crystalline blades of gas turbine engines from Ni-base superalloys” describes an engineered by the specialists of the “Kompozit” OJSC a two-stage mode for single crystalline blades from the GS32 Ni-base superalloy on the base of hot isostatic pressing principles, which ensures absence of recrystallizing. At the same time there is a significant reduction in shrinkage porosity and increase in heat-resistant properties of the complex, including creep and fatigue resistance. Applying of this approach lead to an increase in longevity of single crystalline samples made of the GS32 alloy.

Publication of the article written by E. V. Mayorova coincides with the 50th anniversary of Norilsk Industrial Institute, which was celebrated in December.

As usual, the December issue contains an annual content of "Non-ferrous metals" journal for 2011.

More details about the issue you may find below or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant

Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant, phone: (495) 787-76-34, e-mail:

ArticleName Fundamental nanostructural material and requirements for professional training
ArticleAuthors Putilov A. V., Chervyakov V. N., Degtyarenko N. N., Pilyugin V. V., Malikova E. E.

Center of Technologies of Nuclide Systems, National Nuclear Research University “MEPhI”.

A. V. Putilov, Head of the Center, e-mail:

V. N. Chervyakov, Deputy Head of the Center


National Nuclear Research University “MEPhI”

N. N. Degtyarenko, Deputy Head of Department


“Scientific Visualization” Laboratory, National Nuclear Research University “MEPhI”.

V. V. Pilyugin, Head of the Laboratory

E. E. Malikova, Engineer

ArticleName Modern approach to the assessment and forecasting productivity in metallurgical industry of Russia
ArticleAuthors Barysheva G. A. , Babenko I. V.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

G. A. Barysheva, Vice Rector for Finance and Economic Activity, Head of Department of Economy, e-mail:

I. V. Babenko, Postgraduate Student, Department of Economy, Engineering and Economics Department

ArticleName Non-ferrous metallurgy in the mining and metallurgical complex of the Commonwealth of Independent States to the end of 2010. Part 1
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev V. S., Nechaev А. V.

Federal Government Agency “State Commission on Mineral Reserves”

V. S. Kozyrev, Expert


Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States

A. V. Nechaev, Specialist-expert, ph.: (495) 607-27-81

ArticleName The problems of complex processing of pyrite flotation tailings of copper-zinc ores
ArticleAuthors Bocharov V. A., Ignatkina V. A., Chanturiya E. L.

Department of Non-ferrous and Rare Metal Ores Beneficiation, National University of Science and Technology MISiS

V. A. Bocharov, Professor, ph.: (499) 236-50-57

V. A. Ignatkina, Assistant Professor


Moscow State Mining University

E. L. Chanturiya, Professor

ArticleName Increase of efficiency of flotation extraction of gold-bearing sulfides from hard-to-treat ores on the basis of studying of admixture composition
ArticleAuthor Matveeva T. N.

Establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of Russian Academy of Sciences”

T. N. Matveeva, Head of Laboratory of Separation of Mineral Components, e-mail:

ArticleName Physical and mechanical processes, furthered to thermal stress in refractory facing of tuyere belt and ways of stress reduction in converters of non-ferrous metallurgy
ArticleAuthor Slovikovskiy V. V.

The Ural Federal University named after the First Russian President Boris Yeltsin

V. V. Slovikovskiy, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Bahavior of insoluble anods obtained on the base of secondary lead by electrowinning copper from sulfuric solution
ArticleAuthors Martirosyan M. V., Jorukhyan R. B., Mazmanyan V. A.

State Engineering University of Armenia

M. V. Martirosyan, Assistant Professor, e-mail:


CJSC “Mica-Cement”

R. B. Jorukhyan, Chief Engineer



V. A. Mazmanyan, Head of Melting Compartment

ArticleName Low-temperature autoclave-hydrometallurgical processing of refractory gold-bearing sulfide materials
ArticleAuthors Lapin A. Yu., Bitkov G. A., Shneerson Ya. M.

Science and Technology Centre “Gidrometallurgiya” Ltd

A. Yu. Lapin, Technical Director
G. A. Bitkov, Researcher,
Ya. M. Shneerson, General Director, e-mail:

ArticleName Geothermal gold deposits at the Earth surface
ArticleAuthor Meretukov M. A.

M. A. Meretukov, Scientific Consultant, e-mail:

ArticleName Developing the production of glassmelting apparatus and glass feeders — a new stage of production activity at Krastsvetmet JSC
ArticleAuthors Dmitriev V. A., Khorikov P. A.

Ekaterinburg Branch of OJSC “Krastsvetmet”

V. A. Dmitriev, Director,


OJSC “Krastsvetmet”

P. A. Khorikov, Chief of Development and Production Workshop

ArticleName Smelting of alluvial gold with rare platinum metals group grade
ArticleAuthors Rybkin S. G., Nikolaev Yu. L., Larionov I. Yu.

Laboratory No. 7, OJSC IRGIREDMET

S. G. Rybkin, Senior Researcher, e-mail:
Yu. L. Nikolaev, Senior Researcher


“Gidravlika” Ltd

I. Yu. Larionov, General Director

ArticleName Stressed state analysis of cathode blocks in aluminium reduction cells having different amperage
ArticleAuthors Akhmedov S. N., Tikhomirov V. V., Vostrikov V. A., Kozlov V. A.


S. N. Akhmedov, Chairman of the Board

V. A. Kozlov, Chief Engineer, e-mail:


Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University

V. V. Tikhomirov, Assistant Professor
V. A. Vostrikov, Lecturer

ArticleName The pilot production for extracing scandium from the red mud
ArticleAuthors Pyagay I. N., Yatsenko S. P., Skachkov V. M.

State Enterprise “Institute of Solid State Chemistry”, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

I. N. Pyagay, Senior Researcher, ph.: (343) 374-53-14
S. P. Yatsenko, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:
V. M. Skachkov, Postgraduate Student

ArticleName Vanadium extraction by nitrogen-containing extractants
ArticleAuthors Tsygankova M. V., Dudorova O. E., Bukin V. I., Lysakova E. I., Smirnova A. G.

Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology

M. V. Tsygankova, Junior Researcher, e-mail:
O. E. Dudorova, Student
V. I. Bukin, Professor
E. I. Lysakova, Assistant Professor
A. G. Smirnova, Researcher

ArticleName Technological principles of hot isostatic pressing for the single crystalline blades of gas turbine engines from ni-base superalloys
ArticleAuthors Beresnev A. G., Razumovskiy I. M., Marinin S. F., Tikhonov A. A., Butrim V. N.

OJSC “Kompozit”

A. G. Beresnev, General Director, e-mail:

I. M. Razumovskiy, Chief Scientist


Institute of New Metallurgical Technologies, OJSC “Kompozit”

S. F. Marinin, Head of Laboratory
A. A. Tikhonov, Chief Scientist
V. N. Butrim, Director

ArticleName Research of convective heat transfer in continuous furnace, equipped with speed burners
ArticleAuthors Vokhmyakov A. M., Kazyaev M. D., Kazyaev D. M.

Ural Federal University

A. M. Vokhmyakov, Postgraduate Student, e-mail:

M. D. Kazyaev, Professor


"Scientific and Production Company" UralTermoKompleks " Ltd

D. M. Kazyaev, Commercial Director

ArticleName On manufacturability of economically alloyed nikalyn AZN0.5F during casting, rolling and welding
ArticleAuthors Belov N. A., Shcherbakov M. V., Belov V. D.

Department of Technology of Casting Processes, National University of Science and Technology MISiS

N. A. Belov, Professor, e-mail:
M. V. Shcherbakov, Graduate
V. D. Belov, Head of Department

ArticleName The possibility of the safe operation of titanium alloys in oxygen environment in autoclave leaching of sulfide minerals
ArticleAuthors Bolobov V. I., Shneerson Ya. M., Lapin A. Yu.

Department of Mining Machines and Machine-Building Technology, Saint-Petersburg State Mining University

V. I. Bolobov, Professor


Science and Technology Centre “Gidrometallurgiya” Ltd

Ya. M. Shneerson, General Director
A. Yu. Lapin, Technical Director

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